Projected Augmented Reality Field

The Projected Augmented Reality Field, or “PARF” for short, is this ships primary training and entertainment system. Designed to foster skill-learning in a dynamic user-controlled environment, the PARF is capable of simulating the look and feel of a natural environment, from simple matter such as rocks, dirt, and water, up to more complicated materials such as machinery with moving parts, or even living beings.

With 17000 photo cells and 6000 matter generation cells placed in a lattice, the dome can render complex environments in less than a second. These environments are indistinguishable to the real thing, for all but the most trained eyes. Identical to the photo and matter cells placed around the ship, the significantly higher number allows for this much higher level of complicated simulation.

For the convenience of the ship’s inhabitants, these environments can be saved as retrievable programs for use at a later time. Programs can be made public, such as the many default training programs available, or they can be made private, for the sake of privacy. The Captain, at their own discretion, has access to all public and private programs, and has the authority to disable those which are not approved of.

For a list of currently available programs, click here.