Ship Mission

The mission of this ship, simply defined, is simple: Arrive at the destination locked into the navigational controls.

The journey begins at the KSEA Launch Pad in Southern Liji, on the Kona Homeworld. Using 40% of the ship’s fuel reserves to perform a Jopeno-Berns Maneuver, the ship will take approximately 3 years to escape the solar system within which our home planet resides. At this point, an additional 252 years will be required for the ship to arrive at its final destination.

Objective (Color corrected for visibility)

Due to the lengthy travel time of this trip, it is assured that the journey will take multiple generations of offspring of the original Kona that first set foot on this craft. As such, most of those who take part in this journey, sadly, will not survive to witness the end goal. For that, we applaud their sacrifices, and are in their debt, in life and death, for being the shoulders that the future generations of Kona will stand on.