KSEA Tailspin Ship Information

The Tailspin is a generational ship equipped with the most modern technology Kona has to offer. Weighing in at 700,000 tons (based on materials, cargo, and crew at the start of the journey), this ship is fully capable of sustaining itself in the nebulous environment it was built for, for up to 300 years, without any outside support.

Propulsion and Power

The Tailspin is equipped with two front-facing and two rear-facing particle collectors, which collect hydrogen, helium, and other elements free floating in the atmosphere. Based on the speed of the ship relative to the thin atmosphere around it, these collectors are able to amass more fuel than the ship expends, allowing the ship to power itself indefinitely.

The collected fuel is used primarily for two functions. Propulsion, and electricity. An on-board hydrogen processor compresses the hydrogen for storage, as it is slowly fed to the ionic engine, and out through the thrusters on the back of the ship. A small amount of energy generated in this process is siphoned off into the rest of the ship, powering everything, such as lights, food processors, the projectors, ship controls, and basically every other system the ship needs to continue to function.

Expedition Technology

The ship is equipped with numerous tools and sensors that improve navigation and safety for the duration of this journey.

There are four radars at the front and rear of the ship that constantly scan the environment for debris, meteorites, pockets of various elements in the nebula, other ships, and any other anomalies.

There are numerous communications antenna installed at the front of the ship that can read and transmit various types of signals, from ships, ground stations, or the radiation of space.

Two double-cannon laser weapons are mounted to the front of the ship, primarily intended for firing at debris that is potentially dangerous in the path of the ship.

A front-facing radial scanner that is extremely sensitive to certain high-value elements, that allows us to steer the ship up to a year in advance to acquire it.

Quality of Life

Food Duplicators – These devices are placed in key areas around the ship. Using the matter projectors, they can recreate one of 180 meals, 120 snacks, and 60 drinks that were scanned into the computer. Upon arriving at your destination, the crew will be able to use these devices to scan other completed meals into the system. As the scanner has recorded the location of every molecule in the initial meals, substitutions and alterations are not possible.

Projected Augmented Reality Field – The Projected Augmented Reality Field is a device used for training and recreation, that can be enjoyed by up to a hundred of the crew at any given time. For more details, please check this record.

Projected Matter Communicator Badges – Assigned to every member aboard the ship, these devices are twofold. While alone, they are nothing more than a chunk of metal with a small chip in them, they serve essentially as an entity for numerous functions for Tailspin personnel. The first (and simplest), is the touch-to-speak function. When tapping the communicator, the touch-sensitive chip on the inside activates the nearest communications terminal in the ship (placed in various locations in every room). This allows the user to speak in any direction to communicate effectively with the rest of the ship.

The second purpose of the badge is for the conservation and repair of projected matter. The jumpsuit, when linked properly to a communicator, uses matter projectors around the ship for self-repair purposes. For example, if a crew member accidentally tears their suit, the communicator badge will signal the ship systems to repair the suit to standard condition.

As a useful additional feature, any clothing that is created in the Projected Augmented Reality Field can be linked to the communicator. This allows projected clothing to be brought out of the “Reality Dome” without disappearing. This is useful for social gatherings or other functions where clothing other than the standard uniforms might not be preferred. Simply wear the preferred clothing, apply the communicator badge somewhere, and double tap the badge. This will instruct the badge to “save” the clothing.

Another useful secondary feature to this established feature is a clothing removal and recall system. When “saving” clothing to the badge, the badge can be tapped three times, instructing nearby matter projectors to either instantly remove the clothing, or instantly restore it. For the sake of simplicity, only one article of clothing can be saved to a badge at a time.

Finally, the last feature of the communicator badge is a beacon setting. While wearing or holding the badge, you can place your fingers at the center of the badge, and extend them outwards. This will send out a signal to the nearest ship sensor indicating the location of the badge in an alert to the bridge crew. This is ideal for distress situations, when you need emergency assistance.